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Ecotourism, Monitoring and Much More

The beautiful community of Dos Brazos de Río is a small town surrounded by the forests of the Corcovado National Park and the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. It is a place where environmental awareness and sustainable development grow more and more. To know more about the history of this town you have to go visit […]

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The Mangroves of Piedras Blancas National Park

In the inner basin of Golfo Dulce, at the northwest border of Piedras Blancas National Park, there is a thriving mangrove forest of approximately 298 hectares. It is the mangrove of Esquinas river (Esquinas means corner, named after its distinctive meanders), the second biggest mangrove forest in Golfo Dulce, following the mangrove of Coto Colorado […]

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Sam Reidy – A young talented surfer

~ by Heather Kline / Dagmar Reinhard Hard work pays off: For the 2nd time Costa Rican National Champion Samuel, who adorned our title page in an earlier edition is back. He told us what he has achieved in the last years. An intense travel schedule of new surf breaks and challenging unfamiliar waves was […]

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Humpbacks Whales, Acrobatic and Powerful joyful giants

Humpbacks Whales, joyful giants

The humpbacks whales, joyful giants, using their massive flukes (tail fins), they propel themselves through the water. Regularly, they catapult their 40 tons of body weight completely out of the water, landing with a tremendous splash. 

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Puerto Jiménez - Península de Osa - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena

Puerto Jiménez – Península de Osa

~ by Dagmar ReinhardThe city of Puerto Jimenez at the Osa Peninsula was a gold-mining center during the 70s; today, it has about 9,000 inhabitants. It is located near the entrance of Golfo Dulce, and it is the southernmost port. It is the gateway to the Corcovado National Park (reservation at the MINAE office). In Puerto Jimenez, there […]

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Love of Whales in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, Stay one more night ~ a Whale of a Deal - Osa, Uvita - Ballena Tales

Stay one more night ~ a Whale of a Deal, Whales and Dolphins Festival

~ by Perry Gladstone Dear associate and companies of Costa Ballena. During the month of September, the annual Whales and Dolphins Festival attracts more than 6000 people to our region. This is an incredible business opportunity and we want to give visitors as many reasons as we can to stay the night and experience the many great things we have to […]

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