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Playa Dominical has long been known as a surf and party town and the gateway to Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific.
Though this reputation will surely carry for years to come, long time local resident and a staple to the community, Mike McGiness, hopes to make Dominical also known as a healing zone or holistic destination. Acknowledging a need for change, Mike has created

Casa de Yoga Dominical #puravida #costaballenalovers #osa #travel #costa-rica-vacations #yogaCasa de Yoga in Dominical, now offering various types of yoga classes and workshops focused on selfrealization and holistic healing.
Complementary and contiguous to Mike’s organic breakfast/lunch nook “The Surf Shack,” Casa de Yoga is designed to be a drug-free area for those focused on self-improvement.

Mike summed up his intentions, saying, “I want to give people the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves.” What is now offered is already a great start. There is a diverse selection of yoga classes offered daily. When yoga classes are not in session, look for workshop classes in meditation and other holistic teachings.

As an alternative to the party scene in Dominical, Casa de Yoga provides an atmosphere for locals and tourists to join in conscious self-improvement for a healthier well-being.

Casa de Yoga Dominical A new path in your life! – InFo: +(506) 2787 0026

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