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The CAP May Meeting was held at Sueños Tranquilos in Uvita with 50 community members in attendance. DAWG (we love them!) was on hand with info and a cute mutt. We urge you to see them first before buying a dog for your personal home protection.

The new director of Fuerza Publica, Katia Chavarria has been doing an excellent job and was applauded for her efforts to hold our police officers accountable. We hope you’ve noticed the abundance of police officers, and their stepped up policing efforts.

Thanks to these improvements, Mike McGinnis could step down from his security role. He will refocus his efforts in other areas within CAP. We thank him for his outstanding dedication to the safety of the Southern Zone for 20+ years, and for being the unofficial 911 go-to person, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Mike shared his positive experience with Katia. He is filled with hope, having her in this new position, but reminds us that the police are not our personal security guards. Each of us needs to do our part and take responsibility for our own safety and protection.

CAP had a very positive meeting with the Desarrollo de Uvita (ADI) who manages the new Uvita Police Station project. CAP is doing everything possible to assist and raise the funds for this vital project. ADI (Asociación de Desarrollo de Uvita) has received funding for construction, but not for the $7,900 in fees and permits. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Once finished the construction, it will be a big plus for all of us.


Article written by Bill Loucas

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