Real Food

Author: Shannon Moran

I’m the sort of person that likes to know the story of my food, about the hands that planted the seeds, the earth that nurtured those seeds and the people that harvested the fruits and vegetables I bring to my table. I also love eating — so cooking and preserving food came naturally. Awareness around the realities of industrial agriculture came at a young age, leading me to become a vocal advocate of ethical eating. Years later, I spent time learning from farmers struggling to grow food and medicine for their families. I realized that the only way to avoid participating in a destructive agricultural system was to learn to grow my food,
and, of course, to cook with local, seasonal ingredients.

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First, I moved to an organic, biodynamic farm and joined a team of farmers growing vegetables for a community-shared program. Eventually landing in Costa Rica, I came across some of the most socially and environmentally conscious farmers I’d ever met. I met Melissa Sweet, the visionary behind Vida Auténtica, inspiring me to get involved with the Feria Tinamastes and the graduates of Vida’s organic gardening
program. Sourcing my ingredients from the Vida growers, I rented a table at the feria, selling my fermented veggies and kombucha. Fast forward a few years and Café Quinto Sabor was born. Nothing fancy, just real food made with real ingredients grown by local organic farmers. I make it all from scratch using whole foods because it’s important to know what I’m eating and what I’m offering my community.

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To me, eating locally is as vital to social justice as eating organically is to protecting the environment and healthy living. The Feria Tinamastes has become a wonderful space for our community to gather and connect. And, I hope, to reflect upon Vida Auténtica’s vision of a world where earth honoring agricultural practices foster the growth of healthy communities and sustainable food production.

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