Butterflies: Casa Alegria is an Unforgettable Experience

Casa Alegria ~ An Unforgettable Experience Canaan Butterfly Garden

On the slopes of Cerro Chirripó, in the town of Canaán de Rivas, Pérez Zeledón, Casa Alegría opens its doors to an unforgettable and fascinating experience. A recommended stop for all the people who visit the area. Casa Alegría has a butterfly garden inside a dome 11 meters high with a diameter of 22 meters. Since its inauguration in December 2018, this new option in the Canaan community has been offered to the public with clear social, educational, environmental and medicinal objectives. The positive energy that is transmitted by this place is contagious within minutes. It is a place that reflects family union through different options for the enjoyment of all. Casa Alegria has a gelateria, cafeteria, restaurant, and playground for children, recreation areas, yoga, and live music. All this is in harmony with nature and with the beautiful characteristic views of the area.


The Mariposario currently has more than 20 species of butterflies and as part of its goal intends to become a self-sufficient place where reproduction is done correctly and in order to, in the future, release species and thus help the ecosystem and global pollination.

Butterflies: Casa Alegria is an Unforgettable Experience 1

A vision very well positioned in the mind of the owners is, that beyond thinking only about their economic well-being, that they look for a way to contribute to the environment and the social good, by helping the education of children, youth and adults. “It is a dream that without a doubt is not only written in the mind or on a paper,” the owners of Casa Alegría say, “it is now a reality that can be shared with people, for personal, community and social growth.

Happiness, love and good energy await you at Casa Alegría. 

By Luis Navarro

Contact: Facebook: Casa Alegría, WhatsApp y teléfono +506 8555-7943.
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