The Borucans' dream came true with the arrival of the stone spheres

Brunca Territory

Territorio Brunca

The residents of Boruca (Buenos Aires of Puntarenas) described

the return of the three cultural stone spheres as a gift

the National Museum decided to lend them to the village.

Under the custody of the residents, the spheres have been displayed in different locations, one of them at the school, another one in the high school facilities, and the 6-ton sphere; the largest one with a 1.55 m diameter is being shown at the Community Museum.


The spheres were transported in two trucks, and protected with special fabrics and tied down with chains in order to secure them. They traveled more than 200 miles from the National Museum to the community of Boruca. Upon arrival, a large group of neighbors sang and danced with joy and gratitude for having these sculptures back in their territories. The acoustic shell made its appearance, immediately the corn chicha started flowing, and the accordion played by Porfirio Gonzalez announced the start of the party.

Don Alfonso Quesada is a reporter working for the newspaper La Nacion, he said:

“This is the result of a long process that lasted several years. The Boruca community had asked us if they could keep a few of those spheres as a testimony of their heritage.”

In collaboration with Don Francisco Corrales, an archaeologist at the National Museum, today, we see the completion of those efforts, represented by the return of these magnificent ancient spheres to Boruca.

The Borucans' dream came true with the arrival of the stone spheres 1

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