Body Revitalization CenterDo you feel stress about the circumstances in your life or the world that surrounds you?
Do you have nagging physical symptoms?
Are you looking to reconnect and relax?
The Body Revitalization Center is here to help!
Our team consists of professional holistic therapists with decades of experience. It is our highest intention that our clients and community enjoy total wellbeing.
We don’t just treat symptoms and stress but treat you as a whole being.



Body Revitalization CenterJürgen Müller:
Healing and therapeutic masseur since 1996 and many years as a sports masseur. Reflexology since 2003. Reiki training since 2007. I am passionate about healing and have been called to share it with boundless love. I am also a Massage teacher, helping others expand their healing work. I have developed my massage techniques to help you achieve optimal wellbeing with the Universal energy of Reiki. Please come and experience deep relaxation and revitalization through foot and hand reflexology and full body massage. 


ody Revitalization Center Laura Bruquetas: Book Author:
I am passionate about nature and human beings. Graduated in traditional Chinese medicine (MTCM), Reiki, and Life Coaching. For over a decade, I have been a professional therapist in comprehensive health care. I am recognized for treating physical or mental illnesses with Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki, Massage, and Biodecoding with the rigor of N.L.P.
I work with Ancestral medicine in ‘modern’ times to ensure physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Body Revitalization CenterKristin Grayce McGary: LAc, MAc, (Traditional Asian Medicine) CFMP ®, Adv CST-T, CLP
International Author and Speaker and known as the Health and Lifestyle Alchemist. For more than two decades, I specialize in an individualized approach, integrating body, mind, and spirit; to empower you to awaken to your highest self through Acupuncture, advanced craniosacral therapy, and somatic emotional release, Functional Healthcare, neural and perineural injection therapy, homeopathy, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance, soul care, sound healing, medical qi gong, and sacred medicine journeys to name a few.
All therapists on our team have been living in Costa Rica for several years. We are blessed to offer visitors and locals our holistic healing therapies to help them relax, reconnect, and lead healthier lives.

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