Bodhi Shambala Yoga Center

A Place Of Tranquility And Awakening In A Small Costa Rican Community

The words “Bodhi” and “Shambala” both originate in the ancient language of Sanskrit, and their essence is pursued by a yoga teacher and her studio in Costa Rica’s coastal community of Bahía Ballena. “Bodhi” means to “become enlightened or awakened” and “Shambala” is “a place of peace and tranquility.” One of the main goals of the studio’s founder and head instructor, Pilar Salazar, is to make yoga available to everyone: from visitors to the area to residents; from experienced yoga practitioners, to those who have never stepped on a mat.

Bodhi Shambala Yoga Center

Bodhi Shambala Yoga Center

Pilar was born and raised in Costa Rica’s capital, and got her first yoga teacher certificate in 2003 and another one from the Yogaworks International program. Her foundation is based on the Ashtanga method, and her teaching style is Vinyasa Flow. In her lifetime, she has pursued an extensive education in all things’ yoga – and has traveled all over the world. These diverse experiences have reinforced her desire to share the practice of yoga that has become so impactful in her own life within her natal country. It is the place where she can offer this service to Costa Ricans who may never otherwise experience it, giving her also the opportunity to share her beautiful country with those who are new to it.


The Bodhi Shambala Yoga Center is the culmination of Pilar’s experiences and desires, and its completion in July of 2012, was a dream come true for her. It is a place where cultures meet, international practitioners practicing an Ancient Eastern tradition alongside Costa Rican residents with a bilingual instructor.

Her ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone who wants to learn about yoga, and in 2014, she will continue the project that allows those in the community that lack the disposable income to continue their yoga practice. Regardless of your background, if you do yoga with Pilar at her yoga studio, you can expect a very unique experience.

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