Blood moon, total lunar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse

By Celine Weber

For the first time in Costa Rica and we were already allowed to be part of such a fantastic experience. Even though we hoped to see a more colouring moon and some clouds blocked our view in the meantime, it was an unforgettable evening for us.

Outside in the garden under the starry sky, surrounded by warm air. We felt very comfortable and had a lot of fun watching the lunar eclipse and the blood moon, especially as it was something completely different than in the distant Germany and therefore, we have not yet experienced it in this way.

We heard that on the evening of January 20th a total lunar eclipse should take place, during which the moon darkened and could be perceived in a reddish colour. Together with my friends I sat down in the garden that evening to observe the lunar eclipse. We were very curious what the moon would look like, if we could really see a reddish color and if it would be as spectacular as we hoped.

Around 20:36 o'clock the moon began to darken slowly. We could see a shadow appearing on the side of the moon. With the time the shadow became bigger and bigger and stretched over the moon, so that it became darker and darker. We observed already a slight colouring of the moon, which became a bit orange. The bigger the shadow on the moon was, the more the colour intensified. Around 23:12 o'clock the climax of the lunar eclipse was to be recognized. We saw the moon now completely in a light orange/reddish coloring.

It was fascinating to observe how the earth pushed itself further and further in front of the sun and therefore how the moon became darker.
A great experience which will certainly remain in our memory!

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