Birds: American oystercatchers

Rio Dante aves ostreros americanos american oystercatchers birds

“My name Rio Dante incorporates on one hand Dante as an indication of my mother Robin´s Italian origin and Rio went well with Dante,“ explains the UNA (Heredia) student. He is in the third year of his career with an emphasis in tropical biology. “I have always liked being in nature, whether on the beach or in the jungle, observing animals, snakes, frogs and birds. With my first camera the passion for photography started, today I have a more professional one which always accompanies me.” Rio Dante is the author of the photo on the cover. “We went with some fellow students to the beach to explore the birds and the marine life in the tide pools (puddles that form between rocks and sediments near the seashore where water gets trapped),” he continues. “I was lying face down with the camera in my hands about fifteen meters away admiring a female American oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus) that was hunting and looking for food. Suddenly it began to emit strong whistles and accelerated songs, raising its wings. The male who came from nowhere, joined
her for seconds and thanks to the continuous shooting of the camera I was able to capture a whole series of that special moment. Oystercatchers are  monogamous, couples stay together for life.

Möven Rio Dante aves ostreros americanos american oystercatchers birds

“I am a member of the Ornithological Association of Costa Rica and participate in bird counts organized by SINAC that take place at the end of the year in the National Parks. When I finish my studies I want to dedicate myself to the conservation of the ecosystems that are in danger.”

“I hope to spend Christmas with my family in Uvita and take the opportunity also to take walks along La Union or the Ballena Marine National Park,  specially during the golden hours, early in the morning and one hour before sunset when there is most bird activity.”


By Rio Dante Barrantes Para

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