Better safe than sorry! Dangerous Rip Currents

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By Dagmar Reinhard

Costa Ballena is proud to have two lifeguard towers, one in Dominical and the other at Playa Hermosa. This important service for our community is funded by local business and individuals making regular donations to keep qualified lifeguards and the necessary equipment for the towers.

Our coast has a dozen of beautiful beaches welcoming everyone to enjoy them; however, in a matter of seconds, inexperienced swimmers could become anxious and even panic if they suddenly feel the current dragging them far into the ocean. Feeling dragged; many people try to swim back to shore against the current, losing strength, or getting a cramp; these are reasons why some people drown.

Do not fight the current, float and let yourself go! Try to remember that swimming parallel to the shore could safe your life. Move your arms into the air, so people can see you and help you, or call for help.
Rip currents tend to lose strength where the waves reach the breaking point or 100 meters from the shore. The bigger the waves, the stronger the rip current.

Rip currents can be detected where the water shows discoloration or when the wind blows towards the beach forming whitecaps; it almost looks like the ocean is fighting the wind.
If you are not familiar with the beach, ask a lifeguard or a surfer for the best place to swim.
Better safe than sorry!

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