Believing in the“Impossible”Makes Miracles “Possible”

Miracles - #costaballenalovers #ballenatales #magazine #issue38 2by  Dagmar Reinhard
Jazmín is eleven years old; her life changed dramatically when she was only three. Today, thanks to the help of a small group of people, she has been reunited with her parents.
Keiston and Patricia met in Kansas City, both young and illegal residents, with little knowledge of the language; they fell in love and decided to be together. Fortunately, Keiston had a good job, which gave them the financial stability to care for their daughter Jazmín. The small family lived in a nice apartment until one day they were denounced to the immigration office. Keiston was deported to Costa Rica and Patricia to Honduras, her country of birth, where she had never lived. Jazmín had to stay with her maternal grandmother in Houston because of her American citizen status.
The first challenge for the young couple was to find each other again after being separated.
When Keiston found Patricia, he brought her to Costa Rica and together started to work to recover their daughter. For eight years, every penny they earned was invested in legal fees so the relatives could bring the little girl to Costa Rica, since they could not return to the USA. All attempts were unsuccessful.Miracles - #costaballenalovers #ballenatales #magazine #issue38
They got tired of working with their limited human strength, and decided to put everything in God´s hands, trusting his Divine Will.
The miracle reveled itself when a good friend with a special power convinced the Grandma in Houston to grant Jazmín her consent to return to Costa Rica. Jazmín´s air fare was a gift from an anonymous heart.
Jazmín finally was reunited with her parents and her new baby brother. “To believe in a power greater than ourselves is to open the door to the manifestation of miracles.”

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