Keylor Navas, believes in Himself

~ by John Bisner

The jewel of the Costa Rican south, ¨Pérez Zeledón¨ is hidden between valleys and mountains where «Mother Nature» adorns its existence with the best it can offer. This land of gallant has produced great characters that pride it. Each of them is distinguished by their faith, humility, and simplicity with which they face daily life; being an example of perseverance, hard work, and conviction. 

In San Isidro de El General, a star was born that shines on high, its light has put Costa Rica in the global GPS of millions of people.

He lives his faith with humility, is a simple man who has fought against adversity since very young. He lives his life without appearances or deceptions, loves his family, and is a loving father.

Life has put many temptations and obstacles in its path, but, Keylor Navas, with his attitude full of faith, continues to build a very exciting life for all Costa Ricans and the rest of the world. You will fall, but you will get up, you will find darkness and suffering, but if you keep the faith everything will be possible.

Keylor Navas, Real Madrid, Believes in Himself

“Faith is believing in what you do not see, and the reward is to see what you believe. ” (San Agustin). 

Keylor Navas believes in himself and knows what he wants. Yes, you can, if you trust in yourself. Saturday, June 3rd, Keylor Navas under the goal of Madrid won two Champion Leagues and one league, the first double since 1958, marking a milestone for Navas and Real Madrid. 

Navas prides an entire nation that believes in him and supports him no matter what. Undoubtedly he remains a spectacular player in this football season, already having obtained two titles of “Champions”.

Being a man of ¨Faith¨ is priceless.

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