Family Traditions in Costa Rica


Family traditions Costa Rica

The longer I live in Costa Rica, the more I fall in love with this country. After nearly five years of residing here, I continue to immerse myself in local culture, foods, and family traditions.

I recently was talking with some dear Tico friends and asked them about their family traditions for New Year’s Day. The stories I heard warmed my heart and gave me new ideas for my family holiday.

One story I heard had been handed down through five generations, and it goes like this: At midnight on the 31st of December,immediately begin the new year the way you would like the year to end. Fill the entire first day with everything you love and what you hope to happen to you the rest of the year.

Family traditions Costa RicaSome examples were spending lots of time with your family, prepare and eat healthy food, do some work, visit friends, go to the beach, take some time for yourself, surround yourself with money to encourage a year full of wealth. Spend the first day of the new year filled with positive, pleasant, and meaningful things to ensure the entire year will be and will end the way it began!

Another friend shared a different family tradition. On the first day of the new year, they find the small purple flower called Santa Lucía. As the story goes, if you place a flower from this plant in your wallet or purse and carry it with you, you’ll have a prosperous year!

I also did a little research on my own, and here is one more fun New Year’s Family traditions Costa Ricatradition. Pack a suitcase at midnight on the 31st of December and take a walk, at least a block, to ensure a year filled with travel.

Costa Rica is full of many beautiful family traditions for all the different holidays. The family is the number one priority in this country and something for which I have immense respect.

It is such a pleasure to become more included and welcomed by the community and to make some of their family traditions my own. Pura vida!

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