Fishing experiences

Author: Sergio Espinoza

A fishing experience in Osa, THE BATTLE BETWEEN MAN AND TUNA!

Costa Rica is recognized worldwide for its whitish sand beaches, turquoise waters, and varied marine wealth that enthralls almost three million foreigners annually from all corners of the planet.

Those who choose fishing as an antidote to heart attacks, obesity, depression, and even depression will live to be 100 years old.

The solution to the problems of the modern world is to fish; if you do it, you will live 100 years!

We were sailing over an extinct and extensive crater 40 nautical miles from the sandstone beaches of Bahía Ballena in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica and a paradise for tunas...


Fishing experiences

The ocean waters would witness a duel between man and prey. The latter would avoid jumping on the surface because it would be easy to capture and later be displayed naked on social networks.

We were on the high seas, and the rope of the fishing rod reel started stamping as a sign that a fish was attacking the sardines used as bait.

The "frosty eagles" -disorderly lying in the cooler- were insufficient to lower the adrenaline, thirst, fatigue, despair, and even anxiety levels.

The stylized rod that held the nylon rope bent the waist. A long screech from the coil announced the start of the battle.

I jumped out of the saddle to grab the rod on the stern's edge. And with a dry pull, I ensured that the tuna did not escape...

Fishing experiences

The declaration of war between the corpulent marine specimen and the skilled fisherman left no room for truces! With power and mischief, the fish resisted and threatened to break the line.

The sweat moistened my clothing while the lashes of the sun splashed on the back of my back.

"Release the rope. Pick up now," a refrain that repeatedly penetrated the eardrums during the 30-minute struggle with the sea beast.

When I managed to get it close to the edge of the ship, Javier Gerli, a skilled and seasoned seaman, took the gaff in his hands, a metal tool used to extract the fish from the water, and seconds later, he jumped onto the floor.

In seconds, the five fishermen on board were positioned in front of the cabin for the day's photo that would be shared on social networks.

The Marejada's 250-horsepower engines roared again to follow the shoal's track and to recreate the exciting experience on the high seas four times.

The story didn't end there!

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