The best magazine

The Best Magazine

In this edition, as the fruit of the collaboration of the design and editorial team of Ballena Tales, published as usual in Spanish and English, you will notice improvements, that we hope are liked by readers and advertisers.

The graphic design is improving, and the presentation of the content is friendly for the readers of our magazine.
We continually strive to be the best magazine in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, and we thank those customers who are choosing Ballena Tales Magazine as the means of print communication for their products.

We have written on other occasions about the pleasure of receiving suggestions from our advertisers and readers.
We are grateful if you sent us yours to incorporate them to deliver relevant content according to the interests of each one to visitors, residents, and investors.

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Ballena Tales is a Magazine and Travel Guide

focuses on the South Pacific of Costa Rica it integrates a robust digital platform, and includes the online presence of our advertiser with personalized links. The digital publication of each edition reaches a significant visualization. Our website receives considerable traffic from visitors who are attracted to the content of the Blog. At the same time, it causes visualizations for the products of our advertisers. The sponsored articles published in the magazine and then on the web have a resounding success.

An exclusive benefit for our clients is that their presence on this site constitutes an added value to the amount paid for their advertisements in the magazine.

We have a significant audience on social networks: LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and, of course, Facebook.
The latter highlights the events page that is made available to our advertisers. Our subscribers periodically receive an email to inform them of the content and services promoted by our advertisers.

Advertise with us, and you will know why we are called the best magazine in the South Pacific of Costa Rica! 

CONTACT: Carlos León – [email protected]

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