Back to the Earth

Back to the Earth

AUTHOR: Kim Hurley

In each magazine edition, writers often relate to a topic relevant to the particular timing of the publication. Unfortunately, we are all writing with heavy hearts about the loss of Dagmar in this issue. Her vibrant personality and dedication to this magazine will surely be missed.

Dagmar's passing has me thinking about a different loss some of you may have faced - one of your furry friends. "Pet people" mourn their beloved cats and dogs deeply. Many of us expats brought them with us, as part of the family, on this new life journey here in Costa Rica. Being the "Cat Lady," I brought eight cats with me! They are all older and made the trip like rock stars! Unfortunately, I lost one to cancer within the first year.

Back to the Earth 1

So, with this magazine issue, I remember Dagmar and reflecting on all of my cats that have passed over the years and been given "back to the earth." In the states, I was lucky to have had land for a pet cemetery that will always remain in our family. My house here in the jungle now has the beginnings of its pet cemetery. Each grave site has its cross with names carved into the wood and remarkable white flint rocks surrounding them.

I used river rocks to make “Pippin's” grave and even found two that formed the shape of an angel.  

Some of you may choose to cremate and have your cat’s ashes returned, perhaps in an urn. Others may choose to scatter their ashes back into the earth. Your veterinarian can help with having your pet cremated, and some businesses here in Costa Rica also provide these services. I even found listings for pet cemeteries, such as Animal Garden Cemetery in Cartago and the Tierras Enamoradas Hotel, which has an area dedicated to burying pets with hand-painted stones to remember them.

I believe in Heaven and that our kitties will be there with us. Whatever God or higher power your religion believes in, there will always be an innocent soul to be protected by us. They depend on us, and I feel that we are blessed and yet burdened, in a way, with their care. We sometimes have to make the final decision on their quality of life. We have to choose when it’s time for their passing.

Cats are like angels with soft fur and whiskers. They have the power to massage our hearts with love. As the “connoisseurs of comfort,” they can give us a beautiful journey in life.

 I know from personal experience how hard it is to choose when to say goodbye. It will be a challenging experience that you will not soon forget in your life. I embrace all of you with an open heart, hoping that you know how much I understand how you feel, having been there in the past and, oh so recently, having to say goodbye to a little piece of my heart.

This is dedicated to the memory of Dagmar and the beautiful furry friends we have lost ….

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