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For me, art is the way to get to know oneself, by self observation to access a higher level of consciousness where being no longer occurs, nor is it carried from here to there by circumstances. It is a level of understanding where we realize that knowing is not the same as comprehending.

The greatest inspiration in my work is the Philosophy of Personal Growth, where faith, hope, and love are and will be the maxims that drive the task. My purpose is to convey a message of my own to those who identify with my work. I have never received a lesson at any school, for this reason I am not attached to any particular style or technique. By understanding that in art, motivation is not what another artist does; but as he envisions it. Born in San Ramón de Alajuela I am empirical and eclectic by nature, and have 40 years of experience.

I am the creator and founder of the drawing and painting programs for the National Institute of Learning. I am recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a Cultural Promoter and instructor. I have founded several associations of artisans and peasants and I am currently the president of the National Association of Costa Rican Entrepreneurs. Several years ago, I founded La Casa del Artista Barú; whose main objective is the dissemination and promotion of the artistic and artisanal product actually made in Costa Rica.

For me, Art is the intrinsic philosophical aspect of plastic expression, whether the practitioner understands it or not, since there is a great difference between being a painter and being an artist. My references are Pythagoras and Jesus. This was the inspiration for the logo of La Casa del Artista, a red rooster; which means: he who announces the birth of light and implies a philosophical tradition that seeks to transmit our knowledge. Casa del Artista Barú proudly offer only products Really Made in Costa Rica.

By William Morales Vargas

CONTACT: William Morales - Casa del Artista Barú / Barú camino a / on the way to San Isidro – Tel: 6018 2952

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