Are Organic Products Healthier?

organic-vegetableThe requirements and controls to become a producer of organic crops are very demanding. One of them is zero-pollution in the ground, which means the producer has to start working with natural methods such as the use of fertilizer and biologic repellent long before the certification can be granted; the process usually takes 2-3 years. Other requirements are, for example, the process of selection of seeds and vegetable materials, the plant growing method, the soil fertility maintenance, the recycling of organic materials and water conservation.

Thanks to the preparation of the right environment, free of chemicals, all vegetables and fruits have their original aroma and flavor; additionally, their colors are more intense; they have more vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins.

productos-organicos-certificados-varela-familyFor the last five years, the Varela family has been selling their organic crops at the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays at Rincon de Uvita; they received their certification through the Certifier of Organic and Sustainable Products “Ecológica.” “For us, the whole process was a change of attitude not only in our family, but towards everyone else,” said Adams Verela. “It is not only about individual gain; the purpose is to achieve joined sustainability.”

Currently, the two Varela brothers, Adams (Restaurant Los Delfines in Bahia) and Steven (Restaurant Boca Coronado, south of Ojochal), use the exquisite produce from the family farm. Their menus are extensive, delicious, and very healthy. Both restaurants offer great value for the money!

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