~ by Perry Gladstone

Of all the creatures in the jungle, it’s the tiny, mysterious ghost ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum) I am most impressed with.

Appearing out of nowhere, no other creature seems to find food faster (while they love sugar, they seem to eat almost anything), cooperate as well, and leave so little trace of having been there. Imagine if we too were so resourceful and well organized. More food and products would be sourced locally so that more jobs and money would stay in our community, giving all of us a better life together. 

Sourcing local also means less money spent on moving things from far places.

Meantime equipment, tools, and appliances that we only use a few times a month would also be put to use and maintained by our friends. This too would benefit more of us while costing only a fraction of what we pay to keep them to ourselves. Of course, all of these things will help contribute to less garbage, pollution, and overall impact on our environment - key factors in giving our kids and theirs the bright future they deserve. 

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Am I crazy or does that sound good? Sharing things and responsibilities gives us more reasons to connect and contribute to a better life for all. Connected communities have less conflict and crime because there is more to go around and less reason to steal. Plus, didn’t we all move here to live a healthier life in a more natural environment? Ah, but that’s unrealistic, some say. Utopian fantasy.

People who work hard get what they deserve and those that don’t, don’t. 

Perhaps that is true, but is it not also true that it’s a lot nicer to live in a place where everyone is doing ok? Isn’t that how most of us choose our neighbourhoods in the first place? The ants have figured it out. Maybe we can too. 

INFO: Perry Gladstone: www.perrygladstone.comPresident of the Costa Ballena Chamber of Tourism and Commerce (CACOBA) and the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Association.

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