Anniversary: 10 years of the Flutterby House

Flutterby House Anniversary Aniversario

It’s not easy starting a business; no one knows that better than sisters Pam and Kim Andreasen from California. As the founders of The Flutterby House in Bahia, the popular eco-friendly beach hostel, bar and restaurant that just celebrated its 10-year anniversary, these women understand the true meaning of hard work and dedication. They have faced more than their fair share of challenges and obstacles over the years, as they transformed a one-acre mango grove near the beach in the Marino Ballena National Park, into the bustling social hub that it is today. The property, which consists of a creative gathering of treehouses, cabinas, dormitories, recreational areas and communal hangout spaces, was built from the ground up with the help from friends, volunteers, and their own blood, sweat and tears. The result is truly magical.

Flutterby House Anniversary Aniversario

When Pam first purchased the land in 2008, the town of Uvita would be unrecognizable to most who come to live or visit here now. Her vision and mission for the Flutterby House were (and still is), to provide a safe, clean, comfortable and fun “home away from home” for travelers and vacationers, that fosters an environment which inspires creativity, self-discovery and learning, while living sustainably, responsibly and respectfully on the planet. Furthermore, both Pam and Kim hope to provide an example of a dream turned into a lifestyle that is healthy, productive and fun, and be an example of a responsible business that minimally impacts the natural resources of our environment and gives back to the community and our planet.

They do this by employing and supporting local workers and vendors, investing in sustainable and eco-friendly construction and waste disposal systems, providing organic and healthy ingredients in the restaurant, and leading the plastic-free initiative to eliminate all single-use plastics from our community.

If you want to witness an inspirational combination of vision, dedication, and innovation, visit The Flutterby House.

By Jordan Gill

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