All We Want to Do Is Surf

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By Dagmar Reinhard

Lois Solano Zuñiga is a Surf photographer. We talked to Lois during the recent Surftech Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Circuit at Bahía Ballena. Before becoming a photographer, Lois used to work in an office in San José. She used to spend her free time writing blogs and taking photos of everything happening before her lens.
When Lois met Fabián Sánchez, a well-known surf photographer who loves the beach and the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle, she realized that there are many other ways of making a living. She decided to say goodbye to the big city and started the independent lifestyle that allowed her to visit the most beautiful places in Costa Rica; it is how Lois became an excellent surf photographer.
Two years ago, Lois and Fabián launched their first edition of Surfing Nation Magazine, a surf lifestyle magazine.
Lois travels from competition to competition. Sometimes, she can spend the night in a five-star hotel, while other times, all she needs to rest is a hammock by the beach. When there is a car available, it becomes her primary transportation, otherwise she travels by bus. “What’s important is to get there,” she said. Even though she keeps a professional agenda, she never knows what tomorrow will bring.
Her priorities have changed in recent years and now she is in search of interesting stories. She loves adventure and the simple life that makes her feel very happy. “I’ve got the best job in the world,”she added.
To Lois, Bahía Ballena is one of the most beautiful places in the southern Pacific; she is pleased to encounter such a well-organized community. She is committed to spend as much time as possible here in Bahía.

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