Ain’t Misbehavin ’

Por Shawnell Parker

Let’s talk about pet behavior. My husband had never had a cat when we Enough said. Now, dogs are a different story. We put great effort into teaching our dogs what is good behavior and what is not so good. But it doesn’t always work out the way we had hoped: why?



How about the ‘running into the jungle trick’ which is very worrisome and sometimes has very bad outcomes? We try to teach him to stay home but he runs anyway and what do we do when he returns? Well, if we yell at him because we were so worried, I wonder if he thinks that coming home was not so smart. On the other hand, if we wrap them in our arms with tears of relief streaming down our face is he thinking, “Bow wow! Bring it on; I should run off more often!”?

If we feed them human food (not good), we can expect them to help themselves to yum-yums too close to the edge of the counter. And then there is the shoe; dogs love our shoes because they smell like us. Give them a blown-out flip-flop and they think our new running shoes are Mommy approved toys too.

With absolutely no training all dogs know that if they accompany their person to the bathroom, they have a captive audience. And everybody knows that all people on the ground want to be jumped on and licked.

So, think like your dog. The next time they do something less than desirable, remember that they “ain’t misbehaving”, they’re just showing their love for you.

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