Environmentally friendly Agriculture for a Sustainable World

Agricultura ecologico sostenible

Environmentally friendly Agriculture for a Healthy and Sustainable World


With cutting-edge technologies, more awareness, and knowledge, a sustainable and healthy world no longer seems a utopia.

However, although the economic and political force continues to stalk and prescribe mass crops, accompanied by the harmful use of chemical and dangerous pesticides, the change has already begun!

Many people from different parts of the world move every year to Costa Ballena, South Pacific of Costa Rica, land of tropical abundance and fertile soils,  to start a clean, calm, and healthy life.

Fortunately, there are more and more private companies and individuals that join this movement of sustainable and balanced agriculture, "agroecology" or environmentally friendly agriculture. Here technology, space utilization, and resource maximization and plant interaction are intertwined as a discipline, prevailing the conservation of surrounding soils, water, and biodiversity.

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Within this framework, at the Diquis del Sur hotel in Ojochal, an ecological blue flag company, a very innovative workshop was held in partnership with the interns Eduardo Fernández and Brayner Altamirano of the Guyacara Professional Technical College in Río Claro. They provided information on methods for making eco-friendly natural insecticides using ingredients accessible to all and whose preparation does not represent greater difficulty.

The assistants learned of new techniques that allow taking advantage of domestic organic residues that nourish and feed the edible plants. To extinguish insects, they used a mixture of natural ingredients of intense odor and capsaicinoid (spicy) characteristics. These resources provide nutrients to the soil. It allows carbon fixation and are a timely response to standard agricultural requirements.

The technicians who gave the workshop will be in Costa Ballena during the summer of 2020.

Although some political power groups do not seem to understand the clear and urgent message that the planet emits: the use of chemical pesticides is a real threat to the detriment of the environment. Eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers are now an essential resource for change.

Su guía esencial. Your Essential Guide about South Pacific Costa Rica - Alma de Ojochal Hotel

Travel and Service Guide Magazine #76, South Pacific Costa Rica

During 2020, Ballena Tales Travel and Service Guide Magazine has published numerous uplifting, constructive, and thought-provoking articles on nature, people’s initiatives, or a healthy lifestyle. Our contributing authors are members of our community, business owners, and individuals with deep knowledge and love of the South Pacific, thus creating an oasis of inspiration and well-being for you to enjoy.

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When you’re walking through the rainforest and surprise an animal that goes bouncing through the undergrowth emitting panicked, bark-like grunts with every bounce, you’ve certainly startled a Central American Agouti (Dasysyprocta punctata). After 20 years of living here, I finally saw one standing still. Once the hunting was under control on Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge, their fear of humans diminished considerably.

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ballenas jorobadas costa rica humpback whales

“Entangled in Costa Rica” A Documentary about whales rescue 2021

It is not unusual for residents on the South Pacific side of Costa Rica to witness humpback whales swimming along the coast with their newborn calves during migratory whale seasons. For anyone, being able to rescue a female whale and her calf’s life is a once in a lifetime encounter. Innoceana, in association with filmmakers The Vegan Pirates, produced a short documentary “Entangled in Costa Rica.”

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Veganism is on the rise - and it is far more than a food trend! 3

Veganism is on the rise – and it is far more than a food trend!

It leads to a lifestyle based on sustainability and compassion.
The three pillars of veganism are:

1. Compassion for all animals (i.e. an understanding that there is no difference between a chicken or a dog, a calf, or a cat).
2. The concern and care for environmental issues (i.e. massive land use and pollution caused by life stock farming, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.); and
3. The positive effects on health (i.e., low cholesterol, no lactose intolerance, a pure conscience, etc.).

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AFU - Academy of football Uvita 5

AFU – Academy of football Uvita

An academy in which, apart from sporting fun, players are trained to their maximum potential on and off the court. Including educational
components such as respect and discipline, values that serve also being off the field.

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Being on the first page of Google 7

Being on the first page of Google

Before the Internet’s availability, people consulted countless non-digital sources such as phone books and shared friends’ opinions about hotel and restaurant services.
Today consumers have an Internet connection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to search for information from their computer or cell phone.

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