AFU - Academy of football Uvita 7

AFU – Academy of football Uvita

Author: Jan Stahl Benavent

It all started two and a half years ago when Omar had created a soccer academy for youth in Uvita. Previously, Junior Brenes had already organized a youth team with whom he trained and played friendly matches. Omar and Jason met with Junior and the children’s parents. They presented their ideas and visions: an academy in which, apart from sporting fun,players are trained to their maximum potential on and off the court. Including educational components such as respect and discipline, values that serve also being off the field.

academy of football uvita

Today the academy gathers 70 children between 4-15 years old. Alongside Omar as the head coach are Jason, Christine, Carly, Adriano, Devon, and Johnny, a very international squad of coaches and caregivers (Costa Rica, United States, Canada, Italy, and Argentina), who support him where they can. The door is always open for volunteers from all over the world. I arrived from Germany, not knowing what was in store for me, and they have welcomed me with open arms. PURA VIDA is not lived only in the academy but also on the beach, mountains, and coexistence. I have not only found coaches; instead, I have made friends on this side of the world. A highly recommended experience.

Good people who do a good job. Even though there are so many children interested, it is still a struggle for resources. The academy carries a lot of weight on its shoulders to sustain the project in the long term and would highly appreciate a sponsor. Obviously, there won’t be 70 professional footballers out there, but AFU does everything to ensure a professional environment and allow everyone to realize their dreams. All that effort and work is not always valued as it should be.

academy of football uvita

The current situation did not allow training from March until October. Not being able to touch the ball hurts the footballer’s heart. Therefore, they held a meeting with the National Union of Soccer Academies (representatives to advise appropriate behavior). In compliance with health protocols and regulations, “contactless football” is currently played. This means that no matches are played, but exercises from a distance are possible. The ICODER (Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation) plans a total return for March 2021.

Until March, AFU will continue training hard to return with new strength and win cups for Uvita. One of the last tournaments that were possible was the International Canal Cup in Panama. Excellent memories for the academy. The U11 category beat all rivals and went home as champion. With joy, companionship, and the ara macao on their chest, they go for more titles!

Who want to help AFU can do it HERE
AFU is very thankfull for every donation !

The training is open to boys and girls of all levels from 4-17 years old.

3 – 4.30 P.M.
4.30 – 6 P.M.

7.30 – 9 A.M.
9 – 10.30 A.M.

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