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  • Ballena Tales Magazine & Travel Guide: Costa Ballena, Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica Ballena Tales Magazine (since 2008), dedicate their combined efforts to promote our advertisers' offer with coordinated campaigns, not only in the South Pacific but also at national and international level. Our multidisciplinary and multilingual professional team has become a connecting entity between the South Pacific of Costa Rica and the world.
  • On the 15th of every second month, we publish the new edition on our website. At the same time, it is shared by social networks, giving maximum exposure to our advertisers' offers. We support our clients with regular mass mail campaigns highlighting their content (almost 2000 national and international subscribers).
  • Part of this achievement is thanks to a team of assiduous writers who enable us to provide an endless number of search words to reach our website, thus supporting our satisfied advertisers.
  • Advertising in Ballena Tales Magazine connects with thousands of potential customers and facilitates interaction between companies. It is the largest commercial network in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.


Global Internet Traffic and Engagement of the 20 million top sites,


Quepolandia #3,463,072

Costa Ballena Living #7,780,898

Costa Pacífica Living  without rank





On the 15th of every second month, we publish the new edition on our website. At the same time, it is shared by social networks, giving maximum exposure to our advertisers' offers, who also can insert videos in both, ads and sponsored articles of their products.

We support our clients with regular mass mail campaigns highlighting their content (almost 2000 national and international subscribers). It includes uplifting topics on the history of the South Pacific of Costa Rica, its people, flora and fauna, beaches and mountains, and environmental conservation initiatives. Infomercials highlight advertisers' services and are a successful tool to motivate the consumer.

The audience of Ballena Tales Magazine online is located especially in Costa Ballena (Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal in Osa), also in Costa Rica and around the world, the online magazine (publications in Spanish and English) is obtaining tens of thousands of openings in the US and Europe (especially Germany and France)  SEE PRICES AND MORE>>>


Ballena Tales Guide, PRINT, and Online: Bi-semester guide that promotes businesses, activities, hotels, and restaurants of Costa Ballena in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Ballena Tales Guide accompanies the commercial promotion with descriptive and promotional articles, interviews, and information about the area with topics on the environment: flora and fauna, beaches and mountains, and especially about the people who live here.

Our first Print Guide was published in June 2021 and was a great success. Visitors from all around the globe, investors, and residents picked up their copies at hotels, restaurants, information centers, and local businesses. They found ample information on what is going on in Costa Ballena and shared the issue with their friends and relatives back home.

Nevertheless, the Guide is also released online, and the stories and editorials are shared on Social Media, thus assuring excellent visibility of the customer´s product information. SEE PRICES AND MORE>>>



Das Magazin, Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide, Costa Ballena, Osa, Südpazifik Costa RicaRelated to information about Tourism, Environment, and Initiatives, the Ballena Tales Magazine´s site is the most viewed with the best global internet traffic and engagement of the South Pacific Region Costa Rica. 

People worldwide are interested in Costa Rica. With more than 1,000 unique visits per day, the website works hand in hand with Ballena Tales Magazine Online and reproduces both its commercial and recreational content.

Microsite hosted with Ballena Tales

Your microsite hosted on Ballena Tales, ensuring better visibility of your brand. Two-page layout: (Spanish, English) with all your information, photos, and links of your preference. The prices listed are for full-color ads (with images) and do not include graphic design. The client will provide content, logos, and pictures. SEE PRICES AND MORE>>>

Commercial Directory with box ad

Show your brand and details about your business on our directories, food, lodging, and services offered in Costa Ballena. Check out the business listings and commercial directories. The price includes one AdRotate showing on all web pages.

Business Page Design

Improve the Local Search Visibility of your Business

You can display important information about your business, including contact details or a link to your website. Recently, Google has released new features, allowing you to post articles, product information, opening hours, contacts, or upcoming events. 

Google My Business provides you with the possibility to list your location on Google Maps and improve the local search results.  The hosting of the page is free. It is essential for almost all companies. Let us help you create your page. SEE PRICES AND MORE>>>

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