Reptilandia Reptiles Park

reptilandia box ad270 terrariums and 80 species of uncommon animals are awaiting you in a neatly maintained botanical garden

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
every day throughout the year
Friday is feeding-day.
Platanillo de Pérez Zeledón, 7 km east of Dominical on the route 243 to San Isidro

Phone: +(506) 2787 0343 / +(506) 8308 8855


Reptilandia is located 7 minutes from Dominical
20 minutes from Uvita
30 minutes from Ojochal
30 minutes from San Isidro del General
40 minutes from Manuel Antonio / Quepos


reptiles park

Boton - RESERVE HERE smallDo you want to do something really fun and exciting? Go to Reptilandia Reptiles Park!

There is no other park as complete as this one in our country, a place where you can see the largest and most diverse exhibition of reptiles in Costa Rica, living in a beautiful botanical garden with more than 100 species of trees and exotic plants. It is quite an experience to be able to watch snakes, frogs, turtles, and huge iguanas at a close distance and safely without going into the jungle! You will also spot lizards, tortoises, and a small collection of frogs.

Quetzal Dwyer - reptiles park

Quetzal Dwyer - Owner

Because the facilities resemble the reptiles’ natural environment, they show their usual behavior. It is a good opportunity to educate your children and learn about these special animals!

The terrariums and aquariums are easily accessible from the well-maintained trails under the trees and exotic plants. Learn to identify the poisonous snakes of Costa Rica!

In our nursery, you can look at the newborn reptiles. Friday is feeding-day, which makes the visit even more exciting.
Without a doubt, you will take spectacular photos! Enjoy your self-guided tour and spend all the time you want with your favorite reptiles.

Reptilandia reptile park apart from offering its facilities to visitors is a research center, and a regularly contributes to science on herpetology in Central America.


We sell water and soft drinks. reptiles park

"It's absolutely amazing; all the reptiles are beautiful, a little scary too, but it is worthwhile to be in front of them, congratulations and thanks you for keeping this place open. We learned a lot!" - Cordero Sanchez Family - Costa Rica

“We loved the place, very nice and exciting, congratulation"- Morales Arias Family - Costa Rica

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