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Where is your Smile?

The fist impression is always the most meaningful and we often wonder what makes people look younger, more attractive, or successful. Studies show that only thirty seconds are enough to draw conclusions about a person we have just met based on the fist impression, and we tend to take that impression to support our judgments about that person.

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Fortunately, human beings have developed facial expressions and this makes us different from other animals The “smile” has a powerful effect on the quality of our interactions: A smile shows a friendly attitude and encourages others to return it. It can soften a refusal; some people smile when they are late for an appointment.

Smiles also help to connect people who like one another.

Without a smile, all the efforts we have made to create a good impression cease to be effective. Even if we have an impeccable image, the perfect outfit, great manners, knowledge, training, etc., without a smile it is very difficult to make a good fist impression. 

Is there anything stopping you from smiling? There should be no impediment if you give proper care to your teeth. Please, don’t quit smiling. We live in paradise; you are a part of it, and that should be enough to make you smile!

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