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How we got to Costa Rica and to Uvita

Cascada Verde Hostel in Uvita

Almost Paradise, Nosara 2010 °°° Cascada Verde, Uvita 2012

We celebrated our 10 years „Ticoversary“ in September 2020!
Since 2012 we are here in Uvita, running Cascada Verde, calling it our home, and can hopefully stay „
2010 we came from Berlin, Germany to Costa Rica to run a smaller hostel in Nosara, Guanacaste (that’s up north).

Cascada Verde Hostel in Uvita

Cascada Verde Hostel in UvitaAbout Cascada Verde Hostel Owners 9

Almost Paradise: Our terrace with ocean view – we were serving typical German cuisine

Why Costa Rica?

It was nothing but pure coincidence that we moved to Costa Rica: Through a family member’s friend who owned Almost Paradise and who was looking for a new tenant, we got the opportunity to run it, maybe for a year, just to try & do something different… Lucky us!

We didn’t know Costa Rica at all, had to look it up on our world map. From the first day on we really loved running a hostel, being hosts. We also had a blast serving typical German dishes in our restaurant and our guests loved it – German bratwurst and Jägermeister! Yumm!

And all that without having professional tourism backgrounds – we just always loved traveling & backpacking and we knew what we liked about hostels! Plus Costa Rica gives you the freedom to just do it!

What we did before moving to Costa Rica?
Julie is a communication designer and Stephan used to run a warehouse for tv equipment. We both are from Berlin and lived there until we moved our entire lives. Our families still live in Berlin and we wish they could come to visit more often…
Anyway: We enjoyed the work itself a lot but the area where Almost Paradise was located, wasn’t really our favorite place – pretty much in US American hands, a lot of „rich kids“, a lot of thieveries, expensive and very dry most of the year…

When we were going to have our baby, we decided to travel a bit more and see if we find the right location. So we literally traveled around the world (Asia, a bit of Germany, southern Europe, Chile) and gave birth to our daughter Luzie in Thailand on Koh Samui because we were looking for business options in South East Asia. That was the best decision ever – giving birth in Thai paradise, very secure, in pure beauty – highly recommended

Cascada Verde Hostel in Uvita Owners

And that’s us November 2013, celebrating our first year at Cascada Verde

And then, after more traveling with our newborn, we found Cascada Verde Hostel – listed on a business website, just like that…!
End of November 2012 we moved to Uvita and are still here, loving it more than ever! (We tried to move back to Berlin in 2016 but it was awful. We found our paradise here!)

Partly, Cascada Verde has been existing for 25-30 years already. A German bridge engineer from Dresden built it. It was planned as a community center/yoga retreat with a permaculture farm and vegan restaurant. We think it’s very well done, very special and very beautiful! We are giving our best to take good care of it every day…

We all hope you will have a wonderful time here at Cascada Verde Hostel in Uvita!
With us, as your hosts, in this jungle surrounding, with our many animals…
Enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica! Pura Vida

Cascada Verde Hostel in Uvita
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