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A Surfers Paradise

   By Trevor Brown 

     I have been fortunate to have surfed in many places along the Pacific Coast. From North America, through all of Central America and into a couple of zones in South America, I’ve experienced lots of different surf cultures and conditions.

     On a recent trip in South America, I was again reminded how lucky we are to be surfers on the Ballena Coast. The lack of crowds, friendly locals, and clean tropical waters, make our coast a surfer’s paradise.

    There are very few places on the Pacific Coast and on earth, where the water is warm enough to comfortably surf in nothing but board shorts. The water temperature is perfect in Costa Ballena. You are never too hot nor too cold.

     The ocean water is also very clean in comparison to many areas in the world affected by pollution/contamination from nearby cities. There is no need to worry about getting infections or becoming sick from pollution here.

    Also, crowds are usually not an issue in Costa Ballena. With multiple surf breaks to choose from, you can always find some empty waves. If there are a lot of surfers in the water, as long as you are respectful, there shouldn’t be any problems. Locals in the area are friendly, and harsh localism and bad vibes are not commonplace.

     Next time you are surfing, take a moment to enjoy your surroundings. You are surfing in a clean, tropical paradise rimmed by coconut trees and a friendly “pura vida” vibe.   

     Life is good!

Surfers Paradise, Costa Ballena, Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica

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