A Pretty Town is a Happy Town

A Pretty Town is a Happy Town, Uvita, Costa BallenaNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

by Karen McCrea

Pueblo Alegre Uvita’s mission statement is to paint the town in artistic and colorful ways that make it part of the attraction to tourists; create a new boost to local businesses and create jobs, resulting in a stronger, inclusive, and happy community.A Pretty Town is a Happy Town, Uvita, Costa Ballena
There were plenty of HAPPY smiles from tourists, volunteers, and local residents; they came to Bahía to see and participate in our first Pueblo Alegre Uvita “Paint the Town” party on July 26.
Several businesses in Bahía were involved: Las Delicias, Uvita 360, Las Esferas, and La Orca played a big role in “painting the town.” We had 50 energetic volunteers who showed up to create an amazing transformation. Bright tropical colors were painted on buildings, fences, and recycled tire planters. The results certainly put a big smile on everyone’s face!

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We are extremely pleased to have the support of CACOBA. (Cámara de Turismo y Comercio de Costa Ballena de Osa, a non-profit organization).

With the support of CACOBA, local sponsors, generous donors, and volunteers, we can help create a beautiful town that everyone will be talking about!

INFO:Phone 2200-9265, Karen at: [email protected]
or Pilar at [email protected] 

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