Agricultura ecologico sostenible

Environmentally friendly Agriculture for a Sustainable World

With cutting-edge technologies, more awareness, and knowledge, a sustainable and healthy world no longer seems a utopia. However, although the economic and political force continues to stalk and prescribe mass crops, accompanied by the harmful […]

coral reef

Coral Reefs – the Rainforests of the Sea

Often called the “Rainforests of the Sea,” coral reefs support over one-quarter of all marine species on the planet. Here in Costa Rica, we can easily relate to that. Unfortunately, another comparison to rainforests can […]


Red wine – the new manna?

Red wine is rich in molecules with antioxidant effects, such as polyphenols among which resveratrol is found. These molecules can decrease and even block oxidative stress related to pathologies such as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, or cancer. […]

OSA Comm-Unity

The OSA Comm-Unity in Dominical

Everybody in Dominical and environments knows Pepe López, not only for his Spicy Life Vegan Hot Sauce, which he sells at the Farmers Markets, giving every meal an exotic final touch. Since he has been […]

Isla del Caño

The fascinating underwaterworld of Caño Island

Waking up with the tingling feeling in your stomach that today will bring something special, is always exciting. This sensation got even better with the warm welcome at Costa Rica Dive & Surf. Smiling people, […]