3rd Semana Santa Classic in Dominical

Leon Glatzer

Leon Glatzer won the Juniors, the Expression Session, and took 3rd in the Open Men’s division. He was the guy to watch for sure.

Fueled by community support, positive energy, and the festive nature of Semana Santa, the annual lifeguard surf-contest fundraiser, adequately named “The Semana Santa Classic,” was an event not to be missed. The weekend marked the 3rd year for the contest, and judging by the smiles from competitors and spectators alike; it won’t be the last.

According to host Justin Hague, owner of El Tubo Surf in Dominical, the contest’s primary goals are to raise money and to create awareness of the ongoing program to fund the Dominical Lifeguards. Since our lifeguards are not funded by local government, community members along the Ballena Coast have come together to keep the lifeguards active and the beaches safe for the thousands of tourists who come to Dominical each year. To help raise money, many local businesses pitched in, to sponsor the contest. In addition, custom “Semana Santa Classic” T-shirts were sold along with raffle tickets for a dive trip for two to Caño Island donated by Costa Rica Dive & Surf. By the end of the day, the Semana Santa Classic raised more than $1,400.



As for the contest itself, the conditions were almost ideal. By midday, the winds died down creating glassy conditions. In combination, the incoming high tides cleaned up the waves’ shape and the head high surf made for an exciting, and progressive competition. “All competitors were surfing at an extremely high level,” claimed judges Andrew, Nego, Enrique, and Bob. Even the grooms and the mini grooms were getting long rides all the way to the beach.

When the contest came to an end at sunset, the party moved to Tortilla Flats for the award ceremony, a bikini contest, and an all-night disco on the beach!  The Semana Santa Classic is easily one of the most popular annual community events in Dominical.



  1. Jason Torres (Jaco)
  2. David Herrera (Quepos)
  3. Leon Glatzer (Pavones
  4. Ariel Gonzalez (Dominical)


  1. Leon Glatzer (Pavones)
  2. Caleb Mendez (Dominicalito)
  3. Victor Mendez (Dominicalito)
  4. Jordy Mendez (Dominicalito)

Expression Session:

  1. Leon Glatzer (Pavones)
  2. Jason Torres (Jaco)
  3. Ariel Gonzalez (Dominical)


  1. Jenny Hinds (Dominical)
  2. Charlie Meek
  3. Jusely Moreno (Dominicalito)
  4. Lady Meek


  1. Alan (Malride) Mora (Dominical)
  2. Ariel Gonzalez (Dominical)
  3. Juan Carlos Montoya (Dominical)


  1. Malcolm Goodman
  2. Coral Wiggins
  3. Sam Reidy
  4. Lady Meek
  5. Spencer Thomas

Mini Groms:

  1. Samuel Bartow
  2. Elijah Bartow
  3. Franchesco Gomes
  4. Mikayla Wieland
  5. Ethan Hollander
  6. Kian Margolo
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