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If you’re planning to enjoy the best of Costa Rica, come to us and experience lots of adventure and fun. You can admire amazing flora and fauna, gorgeous beaches for surfing, private conservation reserves, a wildlife sanctuary, waterfalls, a reptile park, native indigenous communities with stone spheres (listed as a World Heritage Site), and the Sierpe River mangroves, the largest in Central America. 

Another positive aspect is that, in the South Pacific, most tourist services are offered by small family businesses, whose owners attend to their customers in a very personalized way; besides, entrepreneurs have a high environmental consciousness, and take really good care of Osa County’s natural treasures. 

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D.A.W.G. is Love

D.A.W.G. is Love ~ by Shawnell Parker You show your dog love in many ways. You feed him, walk and play with him, groom and tickle him and act like a complete, shameless fool to amuse him. You…

Love of Whales in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, Stay one more night ~ a Whale of a Deal - Osa, Uvita - Ballena Tales

Love of Whales in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

How does a male humpback whale (also called a “bull”) ensure the survival of his species, if the females copulate with several other males, and go out and about through great distances in the ocean?

Lifeguard Team Captain - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena, Dominical

Lifeguard Team Captain

Lifeguard Team Captain ~ by Nate Bright ALVARO CEDEÑO OBANDO How old are you? How many children do you have? I’m 30 years old and have 3 children. What beaches do you work at? I rotate between…

Humpbacks Whales, Acrobatic and Powerful joyful giants!

Humpbacks Whales, joyful giants

The humpbacks whales, joyful giants, using their massive flukes (tail fins), they propel themselves through the water. Regularly, they catapult their 40 tons of body weight completely out of the water, landing with a tremendous splash. 

Gallinas de palo verdes y negras

Black & Green Tree Chickens

Black & Green Tree Chickens ~ by Jack Ewing In the mid 1970s on a trip to Hacienda Barú with my 10 year old daughter, Natalie, a green iguana ran across the rough gravel road. “Oh my…

The waterworld of Parque Reptilandia

The waterworld of Parque Reptilandia ~ by Roel De Plecker Besides the large variety of lizards and snakes, our park also houses a diverse collection of turtles, one of which is the Madagascar big-headed turtle (Erymnochelys madagascariensis). This…