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Medical Care,  Advanced Dentistry, Clinics and pharmacy in Costa Ballena

Angels Care Center

Medical Care, Advanced Dentistry Clinics and pharmacy in Costa Ballena., spa, angelscaremedspa-delicate-hotel-cuna-del-angel-uvita-costa-rica-box3
Professional Medical and Aesthetics  Services
Located in Hotel Cuna Del Angel
9 km south of Dominical
Puerto Cito,
Costa Ballena, Costa Rica
(506) 8833 6431/+ (506) 2787 4343

Mora & Valdez

Mora & Valdez Advanced Dentistry Clinic in Uvita Costa Rica
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Advanced Dentistry
General & Aesthetic Dentistry
Phone +(506) 2743 8418
Uvita - The Dome Office #6

Consultorio Médico DiCastro

Consultorio Médico DiCastro

General Medicine
Fogs, Minor surgery,
Medical dictum for driver license
La Perla del Pacífico - Uvita next to the gas station
Tel. +(506) 2743-8292 / 8783-0610 (emergencies)

IBARRA Pharmacy

Medical Care, Advanced Dentistry Clinics and pharmacy in Costa Ballena

Free Health Services
Natural Products
Orthopedic Products
+(506)2743-8558 / 2743-8482
Uvita – The Dome

Servicios Medicos Bahía Ballena

Medical Care, Advanced Dentistry Clinics and pharmacy in Costa Ballena...

General Consultation, minor surgeries.
(506) 2743 8595; Emergency: (506) 8839 4492
Uvita - The Dome

Hospitals, Pharmacy and Clinics Phone Directory

Centro medico: 8367-7256

Dentists: Emergency 2000, Quepos 8380-4125

Hospital Quepos: 2777-0922

San Isidro
Dental Clinic: Elizondo (S.I.) 2771-3620/8376-4337
Dental Clinic: Pozo (S.I.) 2771-7453/8388-5202
Labrador Hospital: 2772-2838/2772-6464
Hospital San Isidro: 2771-3122

Domestic Violence Support: 2772-3256

San José
Clinica Biblica: 2257-5252
Clinica Blanco Cervantes: 2257-8122
Clinica Calderon Gonzalez: 2257-7922
CENARE: 2232-8233
Children’s Hospital: 2222-0122
Hospital San Juan de Dios: 2257-6282
Hospital Mexico: 2242-6700
Women’s Hospital: 2257-9111

INS Shelter: 2290-8329

Psychiatric: 2232-2155

Cortés Hospital
Cortes: 2788-8148/8003/8197

Hospital Palmar Sur: 2786-6204

Puerto Jimenéz
Hidalgo Pharmacy Puerto Jimenez: 2735-5564/2730-0660