Alexander Skutch, birds and much more

Alexander Skutch, birds and much more ~ by Susana García Alexander Skutch was the most famous Neotropical ornithologist of the 20th century. After traveling to many Central and South American countries, he settled on a farm in Santa Elena

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The Massif of Life

~ by Luis Humberto Galera – Photo Mario Wong Cold and strong winds blow on the plains at Buena Vista Hill, the official name of the feared massif better known as “Death Hill”; this is ironic, since its hillsides

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Environment & Wildlife, Sierpe in Osa, Costa Rica: Very Special for Sighting Wildlife!

Sierpe in Osa: Very Special for Sighting Wildlife!

Sierpe de Osa is a rural village surrounded by gardens, farms, rivers, estuaries, and the rainforest. Squirrel monkeys, as well as howler and capuchin are aware that they can find plenty of fruits, leaves, insects, and other delicious snacks. One of their ever-favorite is wild guava, of which there are many in the Blue Channel.

Adventures From Above

~ by Jack Ewing In 1996, at Hacienda Barú, we built a platform 32 meters above the ground at the top of an huge rainforest tree, and inaugurated the Canopy Platform tour. Even though it

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