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If you are coming to Costa Ballena, you should definitely learn to surf and if you are an advanced surfer, well you’re in for a treat. Surfing is an experience like no other, and one of the reasons why Costa Ballena is a very special place.

For first time surfers, Punta Uvita/Playa Chaman has great waves to help you learn and get up on the board for the first time. For intermediate surfers, Playa Hermosa has great waves and for the more advanced surfer, Punta Achiote and Playa Dominical provide consistent waves and are locals’ favorite surf spots.

Surfeando en Costa BallenaKayak and SUP Pineapple Tours

Dominical, Costa Rica, between the Police and “Que Nivel Bar” Kayak – Stand Up Paddle Board Ocean & River
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Diseñadores de tablas de surf

Surf Board Shapers

Surf Board Shapers ~ by Trevor Brown Thousands of people coming from all regions of the country for contests and events have made surfing one of Costa Rica’s most popular sports. However, surfing is much more than…

Why surfers are so cool?

Why surfers are so cool?

Why surfers are so cool? by Trevor Brown One of surfing’s greatest legends Andy Irons said it best “I surf because I’m always a better person when I come in.” If you were to describe…

Surfing life

Surfing Life

Por Perry Gladstone Photo A surfer Dream Driving down the Costanera in Costa Ballena, South Pacific Costa Rica (#34 road), a young spider monkey ran out in front of the car. He barely made it…

Tuning into Mother Earth Surf Style

Tuning into Mother Earth Surf Style

Surfing is much more than a sport. It’s a life style. It’s an obsession guiding your thoughts, influencing how you live, where you travel, and connecting you with the natural surroundings. It’s a way of life that forces you to be conscious of the natural state and flow of the planet.

Surfers Paradise, Costa Ballena, Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica

Surf season has arrived on the Ballena Coast

~ by Dagmar Reinhard – Photo Christopher Gstailder Much like our summer and winter seasons change, the seasons of big surf also changes. The summer months of hot sunny days are gone for now and a more…