Birdwatching and Ornithology

Birdwatching and Ornithology
Cusinga - easily recognized by the black square spot on its breast (Photo Matthew Kritzer)
Birdwatching at Marino Ballena National Park and surrounding areas is a great activity for everyone!

Do not forget to bring your binoculars and cameras!

The ancient Egyptians represented feathered animals in their hieroglyphics. Biologists and naturalists from around the world were revolutionized in 1815 when a young Austrian named Voigtlander, designed the first binoculars, which approached us to those beautiful animals with fascinating songs, colors and behaviors.

Birdwatching and Ornithology at the Marine Ballena National Park is worthy of reverence.  In a three hours walk, we can watch and listen to over 50 different species.

Expert ornithologists’ have concluded that the well-preserved Finca Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters, owned by the Cusinga Lodge), is home for more than four hundred species of birds.

Near our beautiful beaches, we find handsome scarlet macaws, blue herons, frigate birds, kingfishers of different colors and sizes.  We also see cormorants, bald red-lored parrots, laughing falcons, yellow-headed caracaras, and hummingbirds.

When we go up the Coastal Mountains on horseback, as we enter the lush forests, the temperature drops, and we find ourselves admiring the beautiful Laty tailed trogon, the Pale-billed woodpecker, Cusingas, endemic of the South of Costa Rica and the West of Panama; also chestnut-mandibled toucans, and king vultures.  Nearby we hear the howler monkeys, the sound of clear water falling into natural pools; a funny white-nosed coati crosses our path, and then suddenly the view opens over the “Whale´s Tail.”

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