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Ballena Tales operates from Uvita in Costa Ballena and sees itself as a connector between companies in Costa Ballena, OSA and the South Pacific zone, the rest of Costa Rica and the world.

We are a multi-lingual and multi professional team. We are proud of the stable and lasting relationship between Ballena Tales and our partners. Ballena Tales collaborates with national and international humanitarian andenvironmental groups.  Read More

Visit Costa Ballena!

A World of Light and Color Costa Ballena is the place where the forest meets the South Pacific Ocean. It comprises the area from the Barú River, crossing the bridge at Dominical all the way to the mouth of Térraba River in Coronado. The following small towns belong to the area... Read more

Lend a Book Open a World

Suzanne is a retired library technician and because of her love of books, she would like to offer that privilege to read to the people of Bahía. “I was especially inspired to do this”she said,“when a young boy from the community asked if having a mobile library meant he would have to rent a book.”


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Dentistry Without Trauma

by Mora & Valdez Advanced Dentistry Today, many dental treatments are focused on the restoration and maximum preservation of the healthy tooth structure. This new…

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The Tree Ocelot or Margay Cat

By Vet. Fernando Riera S. The margay cat (Leopardus wiiedi) inhabits the mountains of Costa Ballena. The size of a domestic cat, it is relatively…

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