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History & Milestones of Costa Ballena


A mysterious part of Costa Ballena’s history: The stone spheres of Palmar

Costa Ballena is a very recently discovered region until 2009 cut off from the North before the termination of the Coastal Highway now connecting very fast to the capital. So our history is recent and might perhaps be a laid back in your eyes – but it is authentic, giving the area its charm. Here are a few pieces of history and accounts of our milestones that are true gems.

Today indigenous peoples of Costa Rica strive to revitalize their indigenous culture and show it proudly to their communities visitors.
The experience of meeting these indigenous communities is unforgettable for tourists who visit them, observation of the work of the artists who carved masks, women weaving, presentation in the theatrical form of traditions, mythologies, and history of their native culture is something that is worth knowing.

If you visit the South Pacific of Costa Rica, we recommend include in your program a visit to indigenous communities, we assure you will very satisfied.
Sites with stone spheres of Valley Diquis in Osa were declared World Heritage Site and it is here where you can see these expressions of art in a culture who lives in the South Pacific of Costa Rica for thousands of years. Remember to visit Batambal, Grijalba, the Stone Park and or the Museum at Finca 6 which are the world heritage sites.